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Health and maternity insurance

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has a health and maternity insurance system to which virtually all the resident and non-resident protected population has access. The resources for the financing of sickness and maternity insurance expenditure are mainly composed of contributions from insured persons, employers and the State. Expenses mainly include benefits in kind and cash benefits.

The management of health and maternity insurance is the responsibility of the National Health Fund (CNS), which is placed under the responsibility of the Board of Directors and is composed, apart from the President, who represents the State

  • by five delegates from the private sector, appointed by the Chamber of Employees
  • three delegates from the public sector
  • one delegate from the non-employed, appointed by the Chamber of Commerce,
  • one delegate of the non-salaried appointed by the Chamber of Trades,
  • one delegate of the non-employed designated by the Chamber of Agriculture,
  • five employers’ delegates appointed by the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Trades.


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