Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

It is essential for companies to address sustainable development challenges. In order to do so, they need to improve their governance, social commitment and environmental protection. It is vital that the interests of all stakeholders are considered when creating value for the company and the society, whether it be investors, clients or suppliers.

Contact persons:

Marc Wagener, CEO UEL & CSR Manager UEL
Tel.: (+352) 26 009 1

In 2007, UEL founded the INDR, the National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility, whose mission is to guide national businesses in the adoption of CSR in order for them to contribute to sustainable development and improve their competitiveness and image.

Our CSR strategy in 6 priorities



  • Improved decision-making (definition of senior management functions and decision-making bodies, balanced composition, decision-making processes)
  • Communication (knowledge sharing, dialogue with internal and external stakeholders, data confidentiality and security)




  • Well-being (of employees, pleasant and appropriate working environment, work-life balance, prevention and management of stress, harassment and violence in the workplace)
  • Professional development (skills development, career development, employee performance appraisal)




  • Responsible equipment and supplies (improving the environmental impact of equipment and facilities, choosing IT equipment, office furniture, office supplies and food products according to responsible criteria, cleaning products with low environmental impact)
  • Preservation of natural resources (responsible water management, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency of our IT equipment and facilities, eco-responsible raw materials)

Our values


We work together in a spirit of caring and collegiality.

We act with integrity and respect.


We represent the interests of companies to the various stakeholders at economic and political level.

We promote open dialogue and proactive cooperation with political authorities and social partners.


We bring our expertise and competence to working groups and committees in accordance with the principles of good governance.

We are aware of our duty to set an example, and we embrace innovation, continuously develop our knowledge and take responsibility in our fields.

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