Employment and labour law

The world of work is undergoing a rapid and total transformation. Both companies and employees must address a number of challenges, including digitalisation, the ageing population, new working structures and a shortage of labour in certain professions. We must establish an employment environment and legal framework (particularly in the areas of taxation and social security) which enable businesses to be run efficiently and which allow for the necessary adaptations to be made in response to major changes under the best possible conditions. Indeed, they may even allow us to anticipate such changes.

Task Force Employment and labour law

President :

Romain Schmit, Fédération des Artisans

Members :

Cristelle Cervellati, ABBL
Marc Hengen, ACA
Bénédicte Schmeer, Chambre de Commerce
Marc Gross, Chambre des Métiers
Laurence Raphael, clc
Raymond Horper, Fédération des Artisans
Caroline Weyland, UEL

Working group secretary :

Héloise Antoine, UEL

Rapporteur :

Marc Kieffer, FEDIL