The skills gap in focus in the sustainable talent strategy



ADEM contributes to the recruitment of sustainable talent through support measures for companies and job seekers. 

The problem of the labour shortage is well known. One only has to look at the number of vacancies reported to ADEM, which amounted to more than 13,600 positions at the end of June (see ADEM’s key figures for June 2022). In addition, there are vacancies that have not been declared to ADEM despite the legal obligation for companies to make this declaration. In other words, companies in all sectors are looking for competent employees, but they cannot find any. 

Yet unemployment still stands at 4.7%, i.e. almost 13,600 jobseekers. So how can we explain the fact that companies are desperately looking for employees, while thousands of jobseekers cannot find work? The reason has a name: the “skills gap”, i.e. the gap between the skills of job seekers and those sought by companies. 

ADEM has made it a priority to fill the skills gap. This means analysing the current and future skills needs of companies and training jobseekers in technical and soft skills to enable them to seize professional opportunities (see the press release published on the ADEM website on 20-06-2022). 

Addressing the skills gap is fundamental to the “sustainable talent” approach promoted by the UEL and its members to boost economic activity in Luxembourg. ADEM and UEL are working closely together to achieve these objectives within the framework of their partnership renewed for 3 years in 2021.