Skills in companies: a major challenge for today and tomorrow



In Luxembourg, as in Europe, companies looking for employees with the necessary skills to carry out their activities are encountering more and more difficulties. Reasons for this are a labour shortage and a growing gap between the skills required and those available to employees and job seekers.

This is a major challenge for the Luxembourg economy and there are many reasons for this (globalisation, digitalisation, automation, energy transition, environmental issues, ageing of the population, inadequate initial training and school drop-out rates, etc.). But it is essential to find pragmatic solutions within the framework of a coherent approach to avoid a decline of the Luxembourg economy and of the country’s wealth as a whole.

UEL invited the public authorities to act without delay. In this context, the representatives of the employers’ organisations took part on 25 April in the second conference debate organised by the OECD in the framework of the Skillsdësch. They insisted on the need to promote and evaluate existing instruments.