Recap of the tax conference « Understanding the new investment tax credit » (of 29th April 2024)


UEL, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce, organized a tax conference to present the new investment tax credit (art. 152bis of the Income Tax Law), which has recently been amended to include investments by businesses in digital transformation and environmental transition.

These adjustments reflect Luxembourg’s commitment to promote the innovation and sustainability of its economy, while providing a favorable tax environment for companies seeking to expand their economic activities in an ever-changing world.

This event brought together distinguished speakers, including representatives from the ministry of Finance (Mr. Carlo Fassbinder) and the ministry of Economy (Mr. Daniel Liebermann), as well as representatives from the following companies: Aurélie Maissin-Haas (Transformation Manager, Banque de Luxembourg), Etienne Jacqué (Corporate R&D Manager, Cebi International), Jim Rasqué (CFO, Foyer), Sébastien Jungen (CEO, Bamolux), and Maxim Straus (Executive VP & CFO, Cargolux).

This conference provided an opportunity to explain the new incentive to businesses and clarify its scope and conditions of application. Participants also benefited from practical insights shared by experts.

After an introduction by Carlo Thelen, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, Flora Castellani, Head of Tax at UEL, presented the details of the new measure, focusing on the eligibility criteria for projects and procedural formalities.

Then, company representatives shared their perspectives, analyzing the relevance of this measure in supporting their digital and environmental transformation strategies.

Finally, Mr. Carlo Fassbinder (ministry of Finance) and Mr. Daniel Liebermann (ministry of Economy) offered participants a concrete and informed view of the practical application of this new tax incentive.

The conference concluded with a question-and-answer session with the audience.

This event provided a unique opportunity for businesses to understand how this new measure can support their digital and environmental transformation projects, as well as to obtain answers to their questions regarding the scope and implications of this innovative new tax measure.

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