Promoting CSR and sustainable development



Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development are topics that are becoming more and more important in society. Today, companies are more than ever called upon to improve their governance, social commitment and environmental protection. This is why the interests of stakeholders, whether on the side of investors, customers or suppliers, must be taken into account in order to create shared value for the company and society.

To promote and disseminate these good practices in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, UEL, together with its members, created the Institut national pour le développement durable et la responsabilité sociale des entreprises (INDR) in 2007 and has itself been awarded the ESR – ENTREPRISE RESPONSABLE label for the third consecutive time since 2014.

In 2021, UEL also obtained the Responsibility Europe label. This certification, issued by AFNOR in France, INDR in Luxembourg and Ecoparc in Switzerland, adds further international recognition to the companies awarded the label in their respective countries, reinforcing the credibility and legibility of their global actions and their social and environmental impact.

In addition, the ProRSE association, of which UEL is represented on the Board of Directors, brings together CSR professionals in Luxembourg. It enables them to meet, share their experiences and draw inspiration from the good practices of their peers.

With this range of labels and expert bodies, UEL aims to shape Luxembourg’s sustainable development with the aim of ensuring the country’s future prosperity. By working closely with all committed stakeholders, UEL acts for the development of sustainable talent.