Opening of the JobBoard


ADEM offers more choice to companies and more visibility for their job offers!

The context of the health crisis and its impact on the job market has pushed ADEM to accelerate its digital transformation. Faced with a changing job market and a large number of people looking for new professional opportunities, ADEM is expanding its digital services.

Thus, from 28 April 2021, the ADEM JobBoard (, which until now has been reserved for jobseekers registered with ADEM, will be open to anyone looking for a job without any prior formality. People who are not registered with ADEM will be able to consult the job offers that companies have decided to make public. Jobseekers registered with ADEM will have access to all job offers (public or not) and will have exclusive access to the offers during the first 7 days of their publication. They will also be the only ones to have a candidate profile on the JobBoard which will be available for consultation by employers.

Employers: this is what will change!

From 28 April 2021, when a vacancy is advertised, the company will have the choice between a restricted posting (reserved for jobseekers registered with ADEM and with a pre-selection carried out by an advisor) or a public posting allowing a wider visibility. If the public posting option is chosen, the employer’s details will be visible and candidates (registered and non-registered) will be able to apply directly without going through ADEM’s services. It should be noted that candidates who are not registered with ADEM will only see the public offers after a period of seven days. Even in the case of public broadcasting, ADEM’s advisors will still be able to propose candidates to the companies that they feel best meet the profile sought.

Press release by the National Employment Agency (ADEM)