Occupational Health and Safety in times of Covid-19


The UEL member chambers and federations together with health services have developed various tools to help companies put in place adequate measures to protect employees returning to work in the context of Covid-19. Retrieve here these guides and recommendations for the health management of the return to work in companies, as well as various other resources offered by the STM, STI and ASTF to assist companies that are continuing or restarting their activities.

Guides proposed by the chambers and federations

ABBL Guidelines for getting back to work safely
Chambre de Commerce Recommandations sanitaires
Chambre des Métiers Recommandations sanitaires COVID-19 dans l’artisanat (Webinar)

Hotline « #BoostHandwierk »

clc Guide de gestion de crise

Fiches de sortie de crise

HORESCA Guide Safe to Serve

Dépistage pour le personnel

Féderation des Artisans Toolbox
FEDIL Guide de bonnes pratiques destiné à accompagner les entreprises du secteur manufacturier poursuivant ou redémarrant leurs activités

Guide de bonnes pratiques à destination des entreprises dotées d’un restaurant d’entreprise

Health Services Information