Insurers support customers affected by severe weather events


Since 1 June 2017, ACA member insurers have been offering an optional basic guarantee to cover flood-related risks, in addition to private home insurance.

This covers flooding in the broadest sense, i.e. public sewer back-up, river overflows due to atmospheric rainfall, and landslides and subsidence due to rainfall.

People who have taken out this supplement and who have or will suffer damage are therefore asked to contact their insurer.

Have you been affected by flooding?

  1. Take photos of the damage.
  2. Contact your insurer or agent by phone/email to check your insurance cover and compensation procedures.

Please note: There is no fixed deadline for reporting damage.

Luxembourg insurers are fully mobilised to help their policyholders to speed up the compensation process and respond as quickly as possible to their clients’ needs.

The first provisional estimates of the ACA reach an overall cost of 50 million euros.