Extended deadline for applying for short-time work


Exceptional procedure for the month of November

An exceptional procedure has been put in place for companies that had not yet submitted a request for partial unemployment for the month of November and that now consider it necessary. The companies concerned can, from today until 5 November, download the specific form on guichet.lu, complete it, sign it and send it back as soon as possible by e-mail to the following address: chp.novembre@eco.etat.lu. To this form must be attached, on the one hand, a bank statement (RIB) and, on the other hand, the declaration of the staff delegation certifying that it has been informed of the application for short-time working or, if the company does not have a staff delegation, an information declaration signed by each employee concerned by the short-time working.

It should be noted that companies that had already submitted a request for partial unemployment for the month of November may, exceptionally, at the time of the final count to be submitted to ADEM, rectify the number of employees concerned, while ensuring compliance with the rules in force concerning the maximum percentage of the workforce that may be targeted.

This exceptional procedure is only valid for the month of November. In practice, this means that exceptional applications for the month of November can be submitted in parallel with applications for the month of December, in accordance with the usual procedure.


Source: https://gouvernement.lu/fr/actualites/toutes_actualites/communiques/2020/10-octobre/29-chomage-partiel.html