Deadline for submitting the statement under the short-time working scheme


ADEM reminds that the employer has a period of 3 months following the month of the occurrence of COVID-19 short-time working to submit the statement. Thus, for the request for short-time working in March 2020, the employer must have submitted his statement by 30 June 2020 at the latest. After this deadline, the employer will have to reimburse all the advances received for the month of March.

As a reminder:

In view of the extent of the coronavirus crisis and its repercussions on the financial situation of companies and their employees, the Luxembourg government has decided to set up a COVID-19 short-time working scheme for cases of force majeure by granting companies an advance on short-time working.

For each advance received, the company is invited by email or mail to proceed to the count on MyGuichet. The person in charge, and if applicable his representative, receive a file reference number in the format CHP2020XXXXXXXXXXXX, which must be specified in the MyGuichet form, accessible via the link:

Any companies that have not received the invitation to proceed with the settlement for the month of March 2020 are requested to contact ADEM as soon as possible.

If they have any questions about short-time working, companies should first consult the FAQ section on the website ( They can also contact the ADEM Contact Center at 247 88000 or by e-mail