Attracting and retaining talent: tax reform on the horizon?


Luxembourg is facing unprecedented pressure on the job market, affecting all sectors and profiles.

To address this, UEL believes it is urgent to implement a comprehensive tax strategy that will enable companies to attract and retain the workforce they need to maintain sustainable economic activity in Luxembourg.

This strategy should be based on the introduction of tax measures for individuals and legal entities based on two pillars:

  • Reviewing the taxation applicable to employees throughout their professional life cycle (i.e., young workers, experienced profiles, etc.), also addressing Luxembourg’s specific teleworking context;
  • Implementing a tax framework at company level that will enable them to remain competitive and encourage them to increase their efforts in terms of mobilising talent and skills.

On the same theme, read the carte blanche by UEL Director Jean-Paul Olinger “Petit pays cherche talents durables! Taxation as an essential lever for successful transition“, published in the Fedil Echo des entreprises and in its entirety on the UEL website.