Occupational Health and Safety Award 2020 – health and well-being category


Presented to the Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch and the Centre Hospitalier du Nord in the presence of the Minister of Health on 1 October 2020 at the Chamber of Commerce

The Occupational Health and Safety Forum traditionally serves as a platform for the ceremony of the Occupational Health and Safety Award. However, the award, originally scheduled for 29 April 2020, had to be postponed due to Covid-19. The partners of the Prize have therefore organised a three-stage award ceremony, on the one hand to honour the good practices of the winners and, on the other hand, to guarantee strict compliance with the health rules in force.

Of the 21 applications submitted at the end of January 2020, 5 companies were awarded prizes in the “safety”, “health and well-being” and “multiplier agent” categories, based on criteria of innovation, prevention, effectiveness, sustainability and transferability. The jury was composed of representatives of the partners and organisers (AAA, DSATE, ITM, UEL, INDR). The three partner ministries are Health, Social Security, and Labour, Employment and Social Economy.

The first award ceremony took place in a small circle on 1 October at the Chamber of Commerce. The two winners of the health and well-being at work section received the Occupational Health and Safety Award 2020 from the hands of Mrs Paulette LENERT, Minister of Health:

The Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch for its project “Prevention and management of physical and verbal aggression at work”:

The evaluation of satisfaction surveys and work accidents of CHEM employees over the last few years has shown that the problem of aggression is very real within CHEM. The project “Prevention and management of physical and verbal aggression situations at work” at CHEM, a signatory of the national charta VISION ZERO since July 2017, aims to set up a simple and quick reporting tool for aggression at work by grouping aggressions into four main types: verbal aggression, physical aggression, threats and incivilities. A second objective of this project is to support the employee at different levels by offering several types of support: psychological support, preventive support for future accidents and legal support.

The Centre Hospitalier du Nord for their project “Kinaesthetics in the hospital sector”:

To reduce work-related accidents linked to musculoskeletal disorders among its employees, the CHdN has been implementing the “Kinaesthetics” project since 2007. Kinaesthetics is movement education based on the premise that the very quality of movement has a strong influence on learning processes and lifelong health. The interaction between the health professional and the patient is like a dance and not only protects the health professional from back pain and musculoskeletal disorders, but also respects and even restores the autonomy of the patient. This type of contact puts humanity and respect at the centre of the care practices applied at the CHdN. CHdN has been a signatory to the national VISION ZERO strategy since 2018 and has trained all its management in the 7 golden rules.

Each winner received a prize worth €5,000 and a corporate video about the winning project. The videos as well as the descriptive texts of the projects are available on the website www.visionzero.lu.

With this prize, the national partners are highlighting particularly innovative measures or products in the field of improving health and well-being at work. The winning projects can be viewed on video and the public’s favourite can be voted on at www.visionzero.lu from 14 October to 6 November.

Minister Paulette Lenert reaffirmed her ministry’s commitment to encouraging companies to improve safety, health and well-being at work. By signing the national charta VISION ZERO at the 10th edition of the Forum in March 2016, the national partners had declared their shared responsibility in promoting safety and health at work, including the prevention of commuting accidents and occupational diseases. The strong themes of the ZERO VISION are leadership, empowerment, training and awareness. Since then, around 100 companies have signed up to the ZERO VISION, with an action plan to back it up.

The other three winners will receive their awards from the Minister of Social Security on 5 October and from the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Economy on 12 October, both at the Chamber of Commerce.

Photos by © Pierre Guersing – Chamber of Commerce