A busy social calendar


The socio-economic context under high tension, with considerable effects on citizens, employers and public finances, has not spared the social security system, which is also impacted by the effects of the crisis.

UEL represents employers on the decision-making bodies of the social security institutions, which have a busy schedule at the end of the year.

Sickness and maternity insurance

The agenda for maternity and sickness insurance (AMM) includes issues such as the shift to ambulatory care, negotiations with service providers, digitisation, reimbursement of new services, the National Health Plan 2030 resulting from the Gesondheetsdësch, financing and a coordinated strategy. So there are a lot of decisions to be made in the near future, and all against a backdrop of crisis. The health crisis has further weakened the AMM’s finances and reserves. It is therefore important to pursue a responsible healthcare policy, as we reiterated at the quadripartite meeting on 19 October.

We have one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and we can be proud of it. Although it is generous, it is expensive. For UEL, it is essential to guarantee an efficient and accessible healthcare system, while ensuring its financial sustainability and the accountability of all stakeholders.

Pension insurance

Our pension insurance scheme (AP) is also one of the most generous in the world, which we welcome. However, as some have noted, the question of its viability has arisen: with a system in deficit from 2027, reserves expected to run out in 2047, and an increasingly ageing population, the issue of the sustainability of the Luxembourg pension scheme is a real one. Despite the reforms that have been adopted, the fundamental problem remains. Aware of this, the Government has asked the Economic and Social Council (CES), which brings together its representatives and the social partners, to draw up an opinion for 2023. UEL and its members are taking part in the work and are of the opinion that small adjustments now are simpler and fairer – for current pensioners and for future generations – than major changes later.

Added to this is the five-year review of the 2023-2027 investment strategy of the Compensation Fund, the reserve fund of our pension system, which will extend its responsible investor strategy begun in 2010.

Accident insurance

Through its commitment to the VISION ZERO strategy on work-related accidents, the UEL and employers have been involved in work-related accident prevention since its creation and beyond the legal framework. In this context, the 15th edition of the Occupational Health and Safety Forum was held on 26 October at Luxexpo, organised by the AAA, UEL and INDR. It was an opportunity to present the new 2023-2030 objectives of the national VISION ZERO strategy and to bring together all the players who are essential to a strong occupational health and safety policy in order to implement more targeted sectoral actions for the future. (read the press release)

The UEL’s areas of action in the run-up to the elections are many and varied.

UEL reiterates its call to all stakeholders: let us preserve our social security systems, in the interests of current and future generations. This requires united, responsible and far-sighted managers and visionaries.