A beneficial link between initial education and the economic world



This year marks the third consecutive school year in a particular context for pupils and students. For the UEL and its members, it is essential to strengthen the links between initial education (basic, secondary and tertiary) and the professional world.  

 It allows young people to be made aware of the various professional opportunities and the expectations of companies in order to better orient them with regard to the opportunities available to them. It also aims to prevent the training offered in initial education from being disconnected from the challenges of the world of work.  

 Closer links between initial education and the economic world will therefore help to reduce the gap between the skills of young people at the end of their school or university background and those sought by companies. The latter are already under pressure from an exacerbated labour shortage. It is therefore essential not to aggravate the problem and to ensure the employability of young people in relation to the realities of the professional world. The Chambre de Commerce and the Chambre des Métiers are key partners in training. They offer various services to companies in this context.