5.7 million rapid antigen tests for companies


From 17 May 2021, 5.7 million tests will be distributed. For this purpose, four distribution centres have been set up. The distribution will take place in Soleuvre near the Festikuss cultural centre, in Bertrange near the ARCA cultural centre (200m from the Atert Centre), in the ZANO industrial zone at Fridhaff and in Grevenmacher near the Op Flohr stadium.

The distribution centres will be open Monday to Friday between 7.30 a.m. and 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. The centres will remain closed on Whit Monday.

The minister said that 76,000 vouchers inviting people to pick up the tests had been sent out.

In order to relieve the regional distribution centres, the tests will be delivered directly to companies with more than 500 employees.

The centres will be operated by managers chosen from the team of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy, supported by jobseekers hired under an OTI contract. 120 jobseekers will support this distribution campaign.

In parallel to this campaign, Dan Kersch reminded the audience that rapid antigen tests will also be distributed by the Chamber of Commerce to businesses in the catering sector. These tests are exclusively intended for customers.

The Deputy Prime Minister also recalled the steps to be taken in the event of a positive rapid antigen test:

  • Immediately start self-isolation
  • Declare the result on covidtracing.public.lu
  • Inform individual contacts
  • Have your result confirmed by a PCR test

These steps can be consulted on the website https://covid19.public.lu/fr/testing/autotest.html.

The representatives of UEL, OGBL and LCGB welcomed the initiative of the government and it was highlighted that it is important that the use of rapid antigenic tests is voluntary in companies. UEL, OGBL and LCGB concluded that the regular use of rapid antigen tests is an important element in the fight against the current pandemic until the vaccination campaign continues to progress.

In order to provide companies with the best possible information, various hotlines have also been set up. These include the hotline of the Ministry of Health (tel: 247-65533), the Business Helpline of the House of Entrepreneurship (tel: 42 39 39-700; e-mail: covid19@houseofentrepreneurship.lu; website: https://www.cc.lu/covid19/) and the Boosthandwierk hotline (tel: 42 67 67-550; e-mail: boosthandwierk@cdm.lu; website: yde.lu).

Finally, the Minister thanked the four municipalities hosting a distribution centre, which, through their logistical support, contributed to the setting up of the centres in a very short time.

(from left to right) Patrick Dury, President of the LCGB; Nora Back, President of the OGBL; Dan Kersch, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Economy; Jean-Paul Olinger, UEL Director